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Why is it that people with no prior knowledge on a specific subject, choose to interject during an ongoing debate but complain when their argument gets pulled apart by those who know their stuff or just more up to date?  The usual get-out of jail card sounds something like “imagine how you’d feel…” or “shut up you [insert negative label here]”. 

Curiously, the most common behaviour is to turn on their opponent and list a series of negative traits, usually in the vein of “you’re never wrong are you”, “you just have to be right all the time” or even bringing up old personal skeletons (this one above all demonstrates the lowest form of intelligence – if you want to call it that). 

Like, frustration alone is good enough to somehow open the heavens and be appointed the winner, or at least neutralise the conversation and call a draw.  Like, there was no Aristotle, there was no Newton, or Einstein.  Like our science only works in hospitals, construction sites and rockets, but in all other places, science is a more caring, living entity that takes your feelings into account and deep-down, recognises everyone as a winner.  Rather than interject blindly, why don’t these people use the opportunity to learn something new?  Debates are a great source for new reading topics.  People seem to only use them to get their daily hit of endorphins by winning, whether they actually do or not is irrelevant to them. When you have more information than over a million combined Alexandria libraries at the touch of a thumb in your pocket, ignorance becomes a choice!

How is it that we are so far gone that even logical syntax can vary from person to person?  That’s right, people with no clue who Aristotle even is, are just making up their own logic syntax patterns as they go along.  You give some people 2+2 and all they ever throw out is sixes and sevens.  There are a number of contributing factors to this problem and make no mistake, it is a huge problem and the very root to most of society’s problems today. 

To some extent, I blame participation-trophy culture and similar modern-day practices that play a big part in the shaping of society.  The result is someone with no clue on a subject, but will interject anyway, lose spectacularly, then insult everyone at the table for not seeing it how they want it to be.  Even though there is an accepted way to go about things including, the scientific method and a logic syntax that has endured for thousands of years.  Most young adults and teens today have had a childhood of adult mediators intervening in arguments, forcing a truce even though one person was usually in the wrong.  This principle has made it’s way into everyday life and the result is sitting right there on your social media feed.

Today, unless you have a specific career in mind, there is no real incentive to have further education, to grow your vocabulary, your knowledge, your intelligence, to continue independent learning. It isn’t rewarded proportionately either.  Nay, in many schools it is even fashionable to be a total dumbass!  Nowadays, you can mess around in school, fail your tests or not even turn up to your exams, spend your 20s partying hard and you can still salvage a life and even start a career that requires very minimal intelligence and live a comfortable life.  There is no real incentive to continue learning after school years, for most people, learning is a part of childhood and adults just get on with the slow dumbing down process.  

Blame the education system, which on a structural level has changed very little since the days of the orphan workhouses.  Blame a pop culture that supports “beauty” over brains.  A music scene that gives the biggest platform to the simplest musical structures and lyrics.  I bet half the parents who let their little kids listen to Little Mix haven’t even heard the lyrics properly.  We have been educated to believe we are entitled to be right.  That your opinion is like your own little Light of Earendil against the Shelob.  Sadly, it’s not. 

This part is so cool. Frodo does know some Elvish... (With images ...
your opinion is like your own little Light of Earendil against the Shelob

I wouldn’t have gone to the effort to write this article, but ignorance and stupidity is rife, it needs to be recognised as a debilitating trait in human society.  It’s the only real pandemic I have seen this year and it doesn’t seem to be showing sign of letting up any time soon.

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