Blog: You can go ahead and put Black Lives Matter in your “socially-acceptable reasons to break social distancing” folder


So let me just clarify something… Because it’s Black Lives Matter, people are amiably sharing “protest in your [insert local town]” posts. Ultimately, promoting large gatherings in built up areas. Major cities in countries around the world are “protesting” over something that is happening in the US? I understand showing respect, creating a political message and/or raising awareness, but all these countries outside of the US…who exactly are you protesting to? What exactly are you protesting, that you think will positively affect the situation right now in the US? I really don’t get what these other countries are hoping to achieve.

Also, I think it’s fair to say you can go ahead and put Black Lives Matter in your “socially-acceptable reasons to break social distancing” folder. Not to be confused with “don’t sit beside your dying son” or “don’t have anyone attend your Dad’s funeral” , which are firmly situated, as you know, in the “unacceptable reasons” folder

(to confirm: my personal view is that the lockdown is completely ridiculous and is an unjustified abuse of rights and liberties. Unless we have something like Ebola on our doorstep, spreading like fire then I will never support a government intervention on our liberty. The cost to public health, independent businesses and the wider economy, is just too great in the long term. (economy – another way of saying “the way we afford world leading healthcare, education, defence, law enforcement, justice, fire and personal care services”) I personally don’t have a problem with anyone protesting, at all. I just think they should be protesting for their own rights (which are still very much at stake) and therefore makes more sense to protest. Also the glaring and cringed hypocrisy is barely forgivable, considering the last few months have been mostly self-enforced by the people. That’s just my honest opinion.

I have people on my social media who, only last week were spewing the worst kind of bile online over people not observing lockdown and social distancing guidelines going out to beaches and parks etc even accusing people of murder, are now sharing pictures and promotional material encouraging people to gather in their local town to protest.

What. The actual. F*#%?!

Not sure who is more thick here, them or me for ever engaging in the first place. The thought that I could ever hope to make certain people understand something other than the thing they merely want to understand, in hindsight, was a tall order from me.

When the cold hard sinking realisation sets in that you have been wasting your time all along, it can leave you feeling somewhat obtuse. You live and you learn. I’ll be spending the majority of my time, going forward, thinking-up ways to make information clearer and more accessible to those who actually want it.

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