‘So what?’: Bolsonaro shrugs off Brazil’s rising coronavirus death toll


Brazil is a huge country with very dense population areas. No lockdown, not even social distancing. One month in and their death count is 6,412, over 209 million population.

You could say they’re under reporting, but the people appear to be very angry with Jair Bolsonaro right now. The scientific establishment would want to record every death they can! The curve is the same shape over time as most other countries as well.

Brazil is a good country to be watching right now, seeing as most countries left lockdown way to late and can’t be used as genuine scientific data.
You’d expect, if Covid spreads ‘faster than ANYTHING we’ve seen” like they keep saying, then we’d also be seeing more of an exponential curve, it’s been a month now.

Where’s this exponential curve then?

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