Daily Mail: Police in riot gear fire rubber bullets and tear gas at thousands of protestors demanding the arrest of four Minneapolis cops involved in the death of black man George Floyd

  • Chaos erupted at a Minneapolis protest Tuesday night over George Floyd’s death on Monday
  • Police in riot gear threw tear gas and rubber bullets at people who held banners saying ‘I can’t breathe’
  • Demonstrators were pictured with milk doused in their faces to limit the effects of the gas 
  • Protesters were demanding the four officers are charged over the black man’s death  
  • A video emerged Monday showing white cop Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck during his arrest 
  • Floyd was heard repeatedly telling cops he was in pain and could not breathe before losing consciousness 
  • Minneapolis Police Department confirmed the man later died in the hospital and four officers have been fired
  • FBI and state authorities are now investigating the man’s death 
  • George Floyd’s family said the cops ‘murdered’ Floyd and are calling for officers to face murder charges  


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