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‘Absolute bedlam’ – woman’s lockdown shopping experience at Wilko and Lidl

A shopper has hit out about a “truly terrifying shopping experience” in Beeston after customers ignored social distancing rules and chatted to each other in the aisles. Heidi Hargreaves, herself a retailer, said she was dumbfounded by shoppers’ lack of common sense in Lidl, in Wollaton Road, and Wilko in The Square.

“It was impossible to social distance. It’s the people that are the problem, not the store necessarily, but there needs to be more guidelines for customers, or they’ll just do what they want,” she said. Although Lidl has markings two metres apart outside, there was no one stopping shoppers from entering and no limit to the amount of people being allowed at a time. Once inside, it was a free for all, claimed Ms Hargreaves.

“I’ve never seen so many people in there, not abiding by social distancing at all. There were lots of elderly people just chatting in the aisles.


UK’s Hidden Shadows Official Inspired by Out of Shadows


UK’s Hidden Shadows is a new documentary examining the recent history of allegations of child abuse and cover-ups within the British establishment. Filmed over the course of a year, the 90-minute documentary features interviews with victims of child abuse, journalists and police whistle-blowers. Each interview offers a unique insight into the alleged Westminster VIP paedophile ring that has darkened politics for the last five decades.

Posting anti-vaccine propaganda on social media could become criminal offence

Posting anti-vaccine propaganda on social media could become a criminal offence – even if those promoting it believe the pseudoscience, the UK’s new criminal Law Commissioner has said.

In her first interview since taking up the role, Penney Lewis, revealed she is considering whether laws should be amended to “lower the threshold” of criminality for posting false information online that endangers lives.

It comes as the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in September he was “looking very seriously” at making vaccinations compulsory for state school pupils after the UK lost its official measles-free country status due to a steady fall in MMR immunisation rates.


UK sends 50,000 coronavirus samples to US for testing after technical problems

The UK sent about 50,000 coronavirus samples to the US after “operational issues” meant they could not be processed in British laboratories.

The news comes after testing once again fell below the target of 100,000 a day: in the 24 hours to 9am on Saturday morning only 96,878 tests had been carried out – the seventh day in a row where the target was missed.

Confirming that samples had been sent to the US last week, first reported in the Sunday Telegraph, a Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said the difficulty had been a technical problem with an automated lab process, which slowed down test processing and created a backlog.


Award-winning Nottinghamshire salon owner fears industry ‘on brink of collapse’ due to coronavirus crisis

An award-winning salon owner from Nottinghamshire says she fears her industry could be decimated by the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Collette Osborne owns two Hairven salons in Beeston and Gedling and employs 44 stylists, and on March 19 took the decision to shut up shop as the coronavirus pandemic worsened.

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Nicola Sturgeon leads criticism of UK’s new ‘stay alert’ coronavirus lockdown advice

The UK government’s new advice for people to “stay alert” instead of “stay at home” has been criticised for being unclear about whether the lockdown is over, with Scotland and Wales saying they will stick with the original message at this critical point in the epidemic.

The government briefed the latest “stay alert” messaging to the media overnight, ahead of Boris Johnson’s speech at 7pm on Sunday about easing the lockdown, but Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, said she had been given no advance sight of the slogan.


Scotland to stick with ‘stay home’ advice as Johnson due to announce alert system

The lockdown could be eased differently in different regions as Northern Ireland’s rate of transmission is higher than other parts of the UK, Northern Ireland’s First Minister Arlene Foster said.

Speaking on Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday, she said: “Sage and indeed our own medical officer do acknowledge that there are different rates of transmission across the United Kingdom.

“There are differences and regional differences across the United Kingdom and I think the PM has to recognises there are regional differences so you may see slight differences across the UK.”


UK ‘to bring in 14-day quarantine’ for air passengers

The new restriction is expected to take effect at the end of this month.

Industry body Airlines UK said the policy needed “a credible exit plan” and should be reviewed weekly.

People arriving in the UK would have to self-isolate at a private residence.

Government and aviation sources told BBC News that the quarantine would mean people might be expected to provide an address when they arrive at the border.

It is not clear how long the new travel restriction would be in place and whether non-UK residents would be allowed to stay in rented private accommodation.


Coronavirus: No more pupils until track-and-trace goes national, school unions insist

A list of key measures must be met before pupils in England can safely return to their desks, teaching unions have told the government. It includes extra money for deep cleaning and personal protective equipment (PPE) and local powers to close schools if clusters of coronavirus infections break out in a particular area. Schools must also not reopen until a UK-wide rollout of a track-and-trace scheme that would help pinpoint those who need to be in quarantine is under way. A contact-tracing phone app is currently in its early stages of being trialled on the Isle of Wight.

The joint statement was sent to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson by bodies including the National Association of Head Teachers and the National Education Union.


Boris Johnson drafts five-step plan to lift UK out of lockdown over six months

Britain’s route out of coronavirus lockdown is a five-stage plan staggered over the next six months.

Boris Johnson will set out his “roadmap” on Sunday. He said the first steps will happen the next day “if we possibly can”. The Mirror understands a draft 50-page plan has been drawn up to get the country back to normal. The Government’s blueprint aims to to relax the lockdown in staggered steps between now and October.

However, officials fear a second wave of coronavirus or a seasonal flu outbreak this autumn could blow their plans off course.


Sky News: Cyber-spies hunt Covid-19 research, US and UK warn

The UK and US have issued a joint warning cyber-spies are targeting the health sector.

Hackers linked to foreign states have been hunting for information, including Covid-19 data and vaccine research, they say.

UK sources say they have seen extensive activity but do not believe there has been any data theft so far.

Those behind the activity are not named in the alert but are thought to include China, Russia and Iran.

The three countries have all seen major outbreaks of the virus but have denied previous claims of involvement in such activity.

The joint advisory says the UK and US are currently investigating a number of incidents in which other states are targeting pharmaceutical companies, medical-research organisations, and universities, looking for intelligence and sensitive data, including research on the virus.