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Metro: Donald Trump suggests China deliberately let coronavirus infect the US

Donald Trump hit out at China for stopping coronavirus spreading across its own country while letting it travel to the United States. Speaking at a White House roundtable on Tuesday, the President of the United States said: ‘Once the plague, as I call it, came in, I said: how did they let that happen? How come it didn’t go into other sections of China? Why did they block it from leaving Wuhan, but they didn’t block it from going to the rest of the world including the United States? Why is that? ‘Beijing doesn’t have it, other places don’t have it. So why is it that it was blocked very effectively from leaving that area and going into China but it went out into the rest of the world including the United States. ‘And why didn’t they let us go in to help them fix it? So I’m very disappointed in China.’


Daily Mail: Beijing accuses America of ‘inciting countries to demand compensation from China’ for coronavirus after hitting Australia with huge tariffs as payback for Covid-19 inquiry calls

  • China has accused the US of pressuring other countries into demanding compensation for coronavirus 
  • It comes amid an escalating economic war over a pandemic which has shuttered the global economy 
  • China has already put an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley after country led calls for an investigation  
  • Australia has refused to rule out appealing to the WTO over the move, which China denies is punishment 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19