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The Guardian: UK hospitals to trial five new drugs in search for coronavirus treatment

Five new drugs are to be trialled in 30 hospitals across the country in the race to find a treatment for Covid-19, it has emerged.

Just days after World Health Organization trials of hydroxychloroquine, the drug promoted by Donald Trump as a cure, were halted, British scientists are looking to sign up hundreds of patients for trials of medicines they hope will prevent people becoming ill enough to need intensive care or ventilators.

They range from drugs such as Heparin, which is used for blood thinning, to therapies still in clinical trial for conditions such as muscular, lung and blood disorders,which have evidence of potent anti-viral or anti-inflammatory properties.

Mirror: Scientist behind UK coronavirus vaccine trial warns it has only 50% chance of success

A UK coronavirus vaccine trial now only has a 50% chance of success, a leading scientist has warned.

Professor Adrian Hill, whose team at Oxford University are racing to develop a jab, had originally hoped their efforts would be proved successful by September.

But the researchers have suffered a setback because as coronavirus infections plummet in the UK, they cannot be sure their inoculation works, the Telegraph reports.

The Guardian: UK scientists want to infect volunteers with Covid-19 in race to find vaccine

Scientists have warned there could be major delays in producing a Covid-19 vaccine if current UK infection rates remain low and lengthy waiting times are needed to show if candidate products are working. As a result, some researchers insist that ministers must now consider implementing radical alternative measures to speed up vaccine development.

Measles miscalculation preventable outbreaks

As the background information on measles you will be utilizing has not been made publicly available,
we need to make sure you know about the calculation error which occurred in the House Committee
on Energy & Commerce Memorandum1 for the hearing on “Confronting a Growing Public Health
Threat: Measles Outbreaks in the U.S.” The Memorandum states that “One or two deaths occur among
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Huff Post: How did Vaccinated Harvard Students Get the Mumps?

An outbreak of mumps at Harvard University continues to grow, and experts say the close living spaces in college dorms may make people particularly susceptible to the virus, even if they’ve been vaccinated.

This week, the Cambridge Public Health Department confirmed that more than 40 people at the university have been sickened with the mumps virus. The outbreak began in late February, when two students contracted the disease.