‘Absolute bedlam’ – woman’s lockdown shopping experience at Wilko and Lidl


A shopper has hit out about a “truly terrifying shopping experience” in Beeston after customers ignored social distancing rules and chatted to each other in the aisles. Heidi Hargreaves, herself a retailer, said she was dumbfounded by shoppers’ lack of common sense in Lidl, in Wollaton Road, and Wilko in The Square.

“It was impossible to social distance. It’s the people that are the problem, not the store necessarily, but there needs to be more guidelines for customers, or they’ll just do what they want,” she said. Although Lidl has markings two metres apart outside, there was no one stopping shoppers from entering and no limit to the amount of people being allowed at a time. Once inside, it was a free for all, claimed Ms Hargreaves.

“I’ve never seen so many people in there, not abiding by social distancing at all. There were lots of elderly people just chatting in the aisles.


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